R&D is supported by a modern laboratory able to provide an high level of control on incoming raw material as well as finished products. Thanks to a laboratory double screw extruder, Seri Plast is able to satisfy customer requirements by producing small batches of compounds to be tested. After customer homologation, SERI PLAST is able to reproduce the same recipes on large scale thanks to high productivity double screw extruders. All manufactured materials, before being shipped to the final customer, are tested through a full laboratory tests cycle, recorded for one year time in order to ensure traceability and correspondence of the characteristics of the product shipped to the customer, whenever prompted. SERI PLAST laboratory is able to guarantee the main ISO tests as follow:


  • Melt Flow Index • ISO 1133
  • Ash Content • ISO 3451
  • Density • ISO 1183
  • Izod impact • ISO 180
  • Charpy impact • ISO 179
  • Flexural module • ISO 178
  • Tensile strenght test • ISO 527
  • VICAT • ISO 306
  • HDT • ISO 75
  • Moisture • ASTM D6980


Thanks to a modern IR and DSC all incoming raw materials are subjected to a series of tests in order to verify the quality and the respect of the values of SERI PLAST incoming raw material specification.

SERI PLAST got ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and, during 2015, will receive also the ISO 18000 certification.


ambienteSERI PLAST AND THE ENVIRONMENT - SERI PLAST gives great importance to ecology-minded processing and innovative solutions respecting the environment. The production cycle is structured in order to minimize the environmental impact and all the associated risks.

SERI PLAST got ISO 14001 certification.

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